{Pibb or Pepper?}

Well,  Miss Pepper Mae is 8 months old... where has the time gone!  Everyone tells you it will go fast,  and I'm here to tell you it sure does.  

If your wondering where all the Easter pictures are... well,  we don't have any!  Three Easter dresses and NO pictures to prove it.  Pepper woke up with a fever Easter Sunday morning and after we got home from church it had escalated and we ended up doing nothing... but staying at home and caring for her!  She was quite lethargic and obviously didn't feel good at all.  The fever lasted about 3 days then transformed into an awful cold that she is starting to slowly get over.  But alas,  we will get those pictures... this week!  I am determined to get pictures of her with her Easter basket, so stay tuned!

Time for a quick update on what we have learned about Pepper Mae in the last month:

--  She is what we call a "wild woman".  I don't know if all babies are like this,  but she gets really hyper and really excited... really quick.  You know it's hit her when she's flailing all her limbs with her mouth wide open as fast as she can.

--  She loves to practice "crawling" by putting her front two arms on our legs and pulling herself up on her knees,  then swaying back and forth.  Why doesn't she do this on the floor?  I have no idea... she must feel safer about it by using our legs as a crutch!

--She has TWO front bottom teeth coming in now... very slowly but very surly,  and enough drool to prove it.

--She does this thing where when she gets excited or wants to get your attention she raises her arms into the air and just  h - o - l - d - s  them there,  daintily rubbing her fingers together.  { see middle picture }

--She is increasingly become scared of "older" people.  When we go on our daily walks if we encounter anyone with a hint of "old" {which it's hard not too considering Greystone Farms might as well be a retirement community} she immediately starts crying if they even dare look at her.  I don't know if it's there voice,  white hair, beards, etc... but she flat out doesn't approve of them acknowledging her.  This poor lady smiled at her behind us in the check out line of Whole Foods the other day and Miss Pepper Mae got this awful look on her face and started wailing.  

Thats all I can come up with for now!  Hope everyone has a great coming up week!

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