{recent happenings}

Recently,  Miss Pepper Mae has been quite clingy,  given her ear infection {right before Easter},  awful cold {Easter for over a week},  then... double ear infection {today}!  So when does this girl get a break to just be a baby!  Needless to say,  she literally hasn't let me put her down, so she hasn't had much time to practice crawling!  Though she does do this scoot thing,  and ends up reluctantly going backwards across the room.  When she gets there,  she gives me this look like... "Well,  are you going to come get me?"  And of course,  I do.

One other development is Pepper picking up these little organic "puffs" and eating them using her 2 front {half grown in} teeth.  It's just about the cutest thing you'll ever see.  Also, she hasn't been a fan of riding in her stroller for walks,  so we have resorted to hanging out at the lake on a blanket while she plays after her last nap of the day.  She loves it! {if an "old" person doesn't walk up,  of course}

Lastly, operation plan Pepper Mae's first birthday party is well underway!  Four months in advance,  you may ask?  Umm... I started planning for Easter four months in advance,  so why wouldn't I plan her first big birthday bash that far ahead!?   This is my chance to be as creative as I want without her having an opinion yet... and I'm going to take full advantage of that as many years as I can!

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