playing the "drums"

chillin' with daddy

smily girl swimming

creeping up on Dakota

I can't believe our baby is almost NINE months... can you?  Joe has a week off of work {after one whole months of NO days off}... so we have time to just relax and spend time at home as a family.  This was perfect timing given that my mom went off to the beach with her best friend {much needed vaca. I'm sure} for the week.  Pepper Mae's crawling is in full swing and she's getting to go around the house as she pleases.  So where does she want to go you may ask?  Wherever Dakota is... of course!  The bottom pictures are Pepper Mae creeping up on Dakota,  who is barking at the front door at nothing.  This amuses her beyond end though.  All she wants in life is to sneak up on Dakota and grab her.  She got pretty close in the first picture!  

It's also been really really hot outside,  so we've been swimming in the play pool ... we dumped all her toys in and realized they took up the entire pool!  The plan is to go for our first swim in the big pool this weekend!  

Also,  I've taken full advantage of Joe's home time to work on lots of projects I want to get done.  Today we got the basic kitchen sink and oven in tact... it's looking a - m - a - z - i - n - g  if I do say so myself.  Also, we snuck off to Atlanta this past Monday to see my brother's family and go to Ikea for a new TV stand.  In theory,  much cheaper than the one I wanted from CB2 thats on backorder until July.  Don't even get me started on Ikea.  Let's just say by the end of the day this new and particular momma was letting her 8 month old crawl around on the ground of the warehouse on the bottom floor of Ikea, as we were looking for the 50 million separate parts to the TV stand.  Her legs and feet were black. Needless to say,  we got home and realize we STILL didn't have all the right parts... so we ordered the right ones off line and will return the other parts on our next trip to Atlanta.  Whew.  I'm sure I'll be doing a post on the new stand soon...

Lastly,  I am quite determined to start learning to quilt!  These books have been starring at me way too long... and It's time to take the leap.  I'll be sure to keep you updated on that!  Oh,  and by the way,  we still don't have those Easter Basket pictures.  It's still sitting in her room waiting on... me.

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