The {24 hour} Christmas Cards

This is what you get when you design, print out, and mail your Christmas cards in 24 hours.  I was enjoying doing everyone's Christmas pictures this year so much,  we completely forgot to do our own!  No fear though,  I'm hear to tell you it can get done... with a few cut corners!  Here is how it was done:

  • Take the picture.  It definitely helps to be a professional photographer, but if your not... just a picture from your digital camera is fine!  This was actually our 3 attempt for a picture,  the little one was not to thrilled about posing for us,  or even being put down in the cold weather.  :-)
  • Put you picture in the computer and design the card.  This was done using Illustrator and Photoshop... but it could work using Microsoft Word or similar as well.
  • Print them out at Kinkos... I know,  but it's your only option!  As you can see,  this card has a lot more to it than actually got mailed out.  That's because the quality of the pictures was just awful when prints and I couldn't put my name on them!  So now you know what they were suppose to look like!  Hey,  that's what you get when you have 24 hours.
  • Cut them down to size and put them in the envelopes, put on stamps, and send off.
  • For an extra little touch,  you can make your own envelope labels!  The ones above were designed in Illustrator off of some cute ones I spotted on minted.  Just print them on label paper and wrap them around the envelope for a unique touch!
SO,  there ya go.  Christmas cards in 24 hours.  I didn't say they would be amazing,  or beautifully printed,  but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!  Hope you enjoy!


It's superman {and he's 2}

Well,  our little Jackson turned 2 this November!  He is so adorable and we can't imagine life without him.  (Incase anyone's confused,  he's Pepper Mae's cousin!)  These pictures were actually punctually taken a day after his birthday,  hence the balloons being slightly deflated!  That just meant he had to run faster to get them going,  which he had no problem doing!  The last series is so sweet,  he had ran ahead leaving miss Pepper Mae behind (so pitiful),  and he actually ran back to get her, leading her the whole way back to us holding her hand.  Enjoy the pics!


the {snow globes}

Okay here is a holiday craft I've been working on.  I'm sure you've seen the homemade snow globes floating around Pinterest,  so here is my take on them!  I literally have been trying to get these done for weeks,  and still need to spraypaint the lids... but they are so cool!  Pepper Mae makes me walk along the line of them shaking each one and telling her what's in it.  So cute.  I found most of the little figurines at the toy store and found the trees at a hobby store.  Then I just added some Martha gold glitter and there ya go!  They are just something fun and festive to display on the mantel.  Enjoy!