{shocking... and sweet}

Okay,  I've got to share what happened today when I was out getting my mom her Mother's day present.  There is no good way to start this,  so I'm just going to get into it.  Pepper Mae and I went to Hannah's Garden shop to innocently pick up a Hydrangea for my mom.  After we checked out,  we ended up standing around in the middle area where you pay to talk to my friend Lorraine from high school.  So let me set this up for you:  It's me (I'm holding Pepper Mae)... Lorraine is standing in front of me and we are just talking away.  All of the sudden,  this tall, heaver set guy comes in from my right side,  and proceeds to pull down the front of my shirt (I was wearing a v-neck) and is looking over me straight into my chest.  Yes,  I don't have to repeat myself... my bra and chest were exposed.  So,  the first thing that runs through my mind is... okay,  I MUST know this person and he's playing a prank on me.  Shortly after that thought,  shock set in that I didn't know this person,  and I yelled "What Are You Doing!?!"...  

Okay,  now it's time to lessen your shock.  Lorraine looks at me and says "He's special needs.  He's special needs."  Then, his caretaker comes and grabs the guy and takes him away.  Lorraine and I just looked at each other like,  what the crap just happened... and we walked to my car.  The more and more I think about what happened... I feel so violated!  I realize he didn't know any better,  but thats seriously the craziest thing that's happened to me.  Ever. 

On a more normal note,  here are some pics of my first Mother's day flowers from Joe and Pepper Mae.  So beautiful!  I had pointed out the vase in Anthropologie last time we were in there... matches my house perfectly!  

What are your plans for Mother's Day tomorrow?  We are going to have a lunch at my mom's house and my stepdad Jamie is going to cook out on his new grill (it's not only Mother's Day but his birthday as well!).  They just had their backyard newly landscaped and now everyone can enjoy it.  We opted for this plan, instead of the craziness of going out to eat... with Pepper Mae.  Ha.  Hope you have a great Sunday!

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