{remember... dakota?}

This is what I see when I look to my side most of the day

She looks just like Joe here... look at those little curls on the back of her head.

Elmo truly disgusts her.

I told her if she wanted me she would have to come get me!  She wasn't thrilled.   

Remember a dog named Dakota?  Well,  there were lots and lots of pictures of her before little Miss Pepper Mae came around.  She was our first child, right?  For all of those worried,  she is still here... alive and toy in hand as usual,  just a little more persistent!

Some of you might not know this,  but we literally live a street over from my mom... and a street over from my grandmom.  Turns out,  this has been such a blessing!  Gives Pepper Mae a good change of atmosphere during the day when we walk over for a visit... plus they have new toys to interest her!  

She is SO close to crawling.  I think she's the type of person that believes if she's going to do it,  she's going to do it right... no playing around with this gal!  She's got the stance just right,  she just needs to make the plunge!  One milestone she hit a few days ago was being able to sit up by herself from her stomach.  This opens up a whole new world for Miss Pepper Mae! 

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