{plans and more plans}

I'm loving everything about this.

Oh so many plans for Pepper Mae's first Birthday,  and on top of that,  I want to make her {with Joe's help of course} her first play kitchen.  A while back my awesome friend Amber gave me light of this woman that gives out plans on a website based on the pottery barn kids kitchen play sets,  and I was sold.... on making my own.  Turns out,  lots of moms are,  too.  The picture above is an example of one mom's I found {she actually sells them on Etsy}... and it's by far my inspiration piece.  What can you not like about this kitchen!?  The color is perfectly vintage blue/green.. and the sink skirt is to die for!

The big question is... when do I start making this?  Knowing how anal I am,  I should probably start... yesterday.  I think we might need a couple more power tools.  Hopefully,  my next blog on this will be the finished piece I create!  Photos: blue eyed yonder

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