{a slight confession}

look at those upper teeth

Hi,  my name is Lauren Ustad, and I need to make a confession.  This is silly, really... I just need to get it off my chest.  So, I have a neighbor {in her 50s}, who a few weeks ago offered to "take pictures of my baby with her really nice camera".  She doesn't know I am a professional children's photographer {obviously}.  So what do I say?  "Oh, sure!" I mean what could I say?  I felt bad and tend to say "yes" at any given moment when put on the spot.  YEAH,  I told her she could... even though I have so many professional pictures of my baby she is going to grow up thinking I have a camera for a face.  Well,  I decided to just not mention it and hoped she would forget about it and not bring it up again.  I should have come clean at the very first, right?  Well... now it's too late.  She ran into me today again and really pushed the taking pictures thing hard this time.  She said she has a professional camera and has "done weddings and models dressed really nice".  That really peaked my curiosity and gave me an excuse to ask... "Oh really? What kinda camera?" haha.  She replies she has a "Nikon D70".  Don't get me wrong.  That's a nice camera... the 2nd best nonprofessional  DSLR on the market.  A whopping $1000.  Very good quality images {with a decent lens of course}.  But notice I said nonprofessional... big difference.  So what do I do?  Keep a straight face, of course, and say "Oh great!  We can do the pics next weekend!"  YES,  I just booked a session with my neighbor and her "professional" camera.  This really cracks me up.  To be honest,  I'm kinda curious to see the results.  I guess I will find out how it goes next weekend!  I'll keep you posted.  Moral of the story?  Always come clean in the beginning before you get too deep into it not to...

Of course,  what is a post without my pics of our baby.  She is getting in her two top teeth,  and I really hope thats the reason she's been getting up at 6 am every morning for the past week.  Looooove her to death!

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