{love this}

for just one day I'd like to be...

that someone special

I absolutely love this... book! {and I hope Pepper Mae does too...}  Right now it's our favorite to read together.  I just love the story and the illustrations are great and have a vintage feel to them.  This is my favorite quote from the book and sums it up well:

For just one day, one single day,
I'd like to live a different way.
I think it would be fun to fly
and spend the day up in the sky,
or dangle from the highest tree,
or dive into the deepest sea.

And what if I had pointy claws,
floppy ears, or furry paws?
I'd like to have some jagged jaws,
but only for one day, because...

the other days I'd want to be
that someone special, that is...


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