{nine months}

getting into everything

I can't believe we've had Pepper Mae almost as long as I was pregnant with her.  Time definately does fly.  This is a week late or so,  but here is some of what we know about Pepper Mae in the first nine months of her life:

- Most recently,  she has reveled a great fear {not kidding} of the "I Love Lucy" collector barbies.  Like,  she's completely and utterly terrified.  She acts like it could come alive at an moment.  It's funny but she's so scared you can't laugh about it,  it's so pitiful!

-She has perfected "dada"... but to no avail has she said "mama" yet.

-She is still very affectionate,  and loves giving kisses to everyone.  Jackson was getting his diaper changed the other day and she crawled up and gave him two big whoppers on the forehead.  So sweet.  She has also started showing affection by kissing more specifically... toes.  

-There is something about the car that makes her go poo every time we set foot in it.  I don't know what it is about the car,  but it's hilarious.  It might be because she has nothing better to do so she figures she might as well.  It has become a routine to bring a change of clothes every time we go somewhere,  knowing she is going to have a blow out.  

-She is pulling up on everything!  She will pull up and all of the sudden just let go and stand there for a few seconds without holding onto anything.  I think she's a little dare devil!

-She LOVES dogs.  Big and small... all the way from her 2 lb. yorkie to my sister's 50 lb German Shepherd.  She just crawls around with her mouth wide open trying to get to them to kiss them.

-She has learned the art of showing her charm to get what she wants.  When I'm washing dishes and she wants me to pick her up,  she crawls over and lays big ones on my legs until I pick her up.

-She's in the "pterodactyl" stage,  and you can hear this girl coming from a mile away.  

-The wind blowing on her face makes her smile.

-At her nine month appointment she was above average on height, and below average in weight.

-She is picking up finger foods and putting them in her mouth, such as puffs and little pieces of kiwi.

-She is still the clone of her daddy in every way.

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  1. I love the updates ... so fun to watch (at least from a distance) Pepper grow up with Eli. He also has fallen in love with dogs ... spots them even before we do and gets so excited! What a blessing these sweet babies are!