{P is for "Pepper Mae"}

So,  someone names their child Pepper Mae and you can't help but wonder to yourself where it came from.  This is my attempt to help explain to anyone who cares {or doesn't care} to know why we named our daughter what we did.  

Well.. truthfully, I have no idea.  Sorry to disappoint.  We honestly just liked the name!  The only way I can possibly help you, is to tell you what her name didn't come from.  Here you go...

  • Pepper Mae didn't come from my childhood cat {still alive} who also carries the name Pepper.  Who names their first born child after their childhood cat?  We certainly don't.  I do realize it could seem that way.  Realize we aren't sitting around for the very old cat Pepper do die {whom is checked regularly for breathing or movement},  but we also don't want our child to get to the point she realizes my mom has a cat with her same name... that would be confusing.  What do ya do.

  • Pepper Mae wasn't named after the former New York Giants linebacker {and football legend} Pepper Johnson.  I do realize he was a key player for the Giants for many years,  and my husband would consider himself the number 1 Giants fan, but this is not where her name came from.  Although,  months after she was born,  Joe revealed to me the only reason he agreed to the name was in fact because of this player. 

I can tell you that Mae,  is a family name for a very loved late aunt on Joe's side of the family.

I hope this helps you have a better understanding of Miss Pepper Mae's name.  It all comes down to we just liked it... and now that she's hear,  we just LOVE her.

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