{a crafty easter}

So out of the 50 projects I wanted to get done this Easter,  I ended up just doing these two!  The top pictures show the wooden eggs I stained instead of doing real Easter eggs.  I plan on decorating a couple with some paint details and writing the date on one so we remember what year it's from.  From now on,  every year we will dye wooden eggs and decorate them!  Hopefully,  next Easter Pepper Mae can be part of the fun!  

For the dye:  I used regular McCormick food coloring in just boiled water.  I used a mixture of the neon and regular dye colors to get the right shade (mainly guessing as I went along),  and plopped the eggs into the bowls for 30 minutes some longer (agitating often).  There was a bowl for each egg color.  Then,  let them dry overnight.  I love love love how they turned out!

Next,  is the infamous wooden containers I have been planning on growing grass in for over a year.  Well,  I did grow some grass in them once,  but it didn't turn out how I wanted it so I let it die.  The first attempt a year ago,  I tried Rye grass.  It grew great but the texture was very fine and no matter how many haircuts it got it didn't have the structured look I was going for.  So this year,  I did Wheat grass... and it turned out lovely!  I didn't start growing it until a week ago and look how much it's grown in such a little time!  The blades are much thicker and it has a much better structure to it.  Also,  I painted the containers teal (what did you expect?) and it makes a good contrast against the bright green grass.  

To make the wooden boxes:  All I did was get some 1x8's and cut them down to the box dimensions I came up with.  Then all you need is some nails and wood glue.  I did a thick plastic liner inside the boxes to protect the wood from the dirt and water.

For the Wheat grass:  All you do is place some aggregate at the bottom of the container to help with draining (if yours doesn't have drain holes as well),  then fill it with dirt leaving around an inch at the top.  Sprinkle the grass seeds right on top of the dirt very dense so there is little dirt showing through,  and water.  I use a spray bottle with water in it to keep the seeds moist throughout the day.  Works like a charm! 


  1. Wooden eggs!!! Genius! I think I may have to try that! We have a little one too, so it's fun to start thinking about traditions that we can start!

    Your photos are awesome, what kind of camera do you have?


  2. Yes, we love coming up with unique traditions we can start with our little one! I'd love to see yours if you do them!

    I have a NikonD700 and love it...

    I took a look at your blog... such a cute family!