{pepper mae's first christmas}

{We had a small Christmas in the morning with just me, Joe, and Pepper Mae}

{This cracks me up every time I look at it.  We told her to pose for a picture and this is what she did! Haha!}

{Boobie at the beginning and end of Christmas Day.  She was Pooped! Can you find her in the picture to the left?}

{This was actually taken Christmas Eve.  Looks like Sophie got stuck in Pepper Mae's mouth!}

{This was Christmas at my mom's house.  All those presents are Pepper's!  She got spoiled along with all the grandchildren!}

Here is a small re-cap of Pepper's first Christmas!  We consider the day a BIG success... NO breakdowns!  She was so tied up at looking at everything going on around her she didn't think to cry.  We had a great day and couldn't ask for a better family!  

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