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Finally! Some time to work on a family blog. Things have been quite crazy since the arrival of our little Pepper Mae. I'd love to use this blog to post pictures and updates on our family and the rapid changes of our first baby. I promise, no political outbursts this time! (for those of you who might have read my last blog)

Here is a recap of what has been happening in the first few months of Pepper Mae's arrival. Let me start at the beginning... (well, kinda) the delivery. My water broke on a Sunday afternoon right after Joe got to work (in Hoover). Needless to say I freaked out and called my whole family, which considering we live a street over from my mom and grandmother, they were here in seconds. This is the picture Joe got when he got home from the office to take me to the hospital: 1. My grandmother frantically vacuuming the hardwoods. 2. My sister going through my closet looking for me underwear, but to my prevail brings me bathing suit bottoms. 3. Me, holding a towel under my crotch, in the nursery picking out baby socks to bring to the hospital. Shortly after this scene, my contractions started so off to the hospital we went! 4 hours, an epidural, and 3 pushes later, Pepper Mae was here! Woah. This is all I can muster up today.

Here is what I have learned about Pepper Mae in the past 3 months of her life:

1. She most definitely has a "type a" personality.
2. She is addicted to her pacifier like it's a drug.
3. She LOVES to talk to EVERYTHING (or "coo" I should say)
4. When sleeping, she has to have the tips of her fingers on her left hand daintily touching the pacifier in her mouth. When her arm starts to fall, she jerks it up over and over again until she's too asleep to notice. {modified: we strap her arms down wrapped like an ace bandage, problem solved.}
5. Bath-time is her favorite time of the day.
6. She has the biggest smile I've ever seen on a baby, and it makes me want to cry I love her so much.

Here is what I have learned about being a new mother:

1. The Herman Miller Eames rocker is not very comfortable for late night feedings, but it's oh so pretty.
2. Sleep is a thing of the past. (duh)
3. The "schedule" has been a work in progress, but not an exact science.

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  1. I am laughing out loud about your number one thing you learned as a mother... Bhahahahahaha. I told you so!