{modern white christmas}

{christmas 2010}

So,  this is what Christmas looks like in the Ustad home this year.  There's a lot I still want to add (of course)  but I don't know if any of it will get done in time!  We decided to go with a modern white tree instead of the retro silver one we had last year.  We have the same wreath we made last year,  and I'm going to work on adding hand made white flowers to it... they might be done before the New Year!  

True Story:  My grandmother came over the other day and noticed we had booted Dakota off her stocking and given it to Pepper.  Wow,  big mistake!  My grandmother flipped a lid and told me I should be ashamed for giving Dakota's stocking to Pepper!  Well,  we only have three stockings!  Of course,  most people,  would put the child before the dog... with the exception to my dear Grandmother :-)  

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