{miss cabinet dweller... and updates}

checking out my first band-aid.... hello kitty of course

I can't believe our little Pepper Mae is already 13 and a half months!  She has changed so much even since her first birthday I can't remember it all.  Recently,  she has been hanging out in our kitchen cabinets during her leisure time, haha!  She just crawled in one day and loves exploring the inside.  Tonight,  she found an old bottle and a spoon and started making a "concoction" by dipping the spoon into Dakotas water then back into the bottle.  She even let me taste it!  Here are some more updates on our angel:

  • She is completely weaned off the bottle.  How did we do this you might ask?  To tell you the truth I just stopped giving them to her one day and she hasn't looked back since, haha!  She had one rough night wanting one but that was it.  We are now bottle free.  If we could only get her to like whole milk we will be doing good!
  • She is still really into walking Dakota.  Up and down the street,  to the lake, where ever we go... all day.  It's the cutest thing you've ever seen.
  • She waves at everyone.  She even waves when she's inside and hears a car drive by the house.  She also loves to point out birds and planes.  
  • She loves to "sit".  There is a concrete bench at the lake and she'll get me to put her up on it,  and she will just sit there with her sippy cup and watch the ducks and geese.  Laughing away and dangling her feet.
  • She has started dancing... it's the most hilarious thing you've ever seen!  This girl puts ALL she has into it, too.  She has turned the "booty" dance into the all out "squatting" dance.  She does a FULL squat up and down to the music.  She also has a stand in place and spin around move that's pretty amazing as well.  Her favorite thing to dance to is the Sunday night football opening and Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD.  
  • She found her belly button and will point it out when asked,  as well as mine and Joe's.  She also thinks her nose is her ear.  We are working on that, hehe.
We are loving every minute with this girl!  Tomorrow I'll be doing a post on her Little Red Riding hood I made... I know the anticipation is killing you!  

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