{tiny party birthday invites}

So here are the tiny invites for Pepper Mae's "tiny" themed party this Sunday.   I was so inspired by this tiny party for her little girl about a year ago I knew that is what I had to do!  I ended up designing the simple business card sized invites in illustrator so print at home and used a bunch of colors I wanted to use in the fabrics at the actual party.  I got my wonderful talented husband involved and he actually water-colored the chevron stripes for the envelope liners and the band across the back of the invites!  He did them on watercolor paper and I scanned it into photoshop and just printed it out on 8.5 x 11 presentation paper.  He also drew out, inked, and water-colored the cupcake.  A little piece of happy tape was used to fasten the inner envelopes, and a piece of divine twine was used to tie on the mini-magnifying glass.   I used a calligraphy stamp I purchased off of Etsy a while back to stamp on the return address and it turned out beautifully!   I haven't gotten a chance to mail all these out yet... so don't fret if you haven't gotten yours yet they are on their way I promise!  I will look forward to posting more details on the "tiny" party later! Enjoy!

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