The {24 hour} Christmas Cards

This is what you get when you design, print out, and mail your Christmas cards in 24 hours.  I was enjoying doing everyone's Christmas pictures this year so much,  we completely forgot to do our own!  No fear though,  I'm hear to tell you it can get done... with a few cut corners!  Here is how it was done:

  • Take the picture.  It definitely helps to be a professional photographer, but if your not... just a picture from your digital camera is fine!  This was actually our 3 attempt for a picture,  the little one was not to thrilled about posing for us,  or even being put down in the cold weather.  :-)
  • Put you picture in the computer and design the card.  This was done using Illustrator and Photoshop... but it could work using Microsoft Word or similar as well.
  • Print them out at Kinkos... I know,  but it's your only option!  As you can see,  this card has a lot more to it than actually got mailed out.  That's because the quality of the pictures was just awful when prints and I couldn't put my name on them!  So now you know what they were suppose to look like!  Hey,  that's what you get when you have 24 hours.
  • Cut them down to size and put them in the envelopes, put on stamps, and send off.
  • For an extra little touch,  you can make your own envelope labels!  The ones above were designed in Illustrator off of some cute ones I spotted on minted.  Just print them on label paper and wrap them around the envelope for a unique touch!
SO,  there ya go.  Christmas cards in 24 hours.  I didn't say they would be amazing,  or beautifully printed,  but sometimes you have to do what you have to do!  Hope you enjoy!

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