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Handmade felt birthday cake from Grandma CC

So this is a bit late but it's better than never!  Miss Pepper is 1 year old and showing more and more of her personality every day.  Her 1st b-day was wonderful,  thank you everyone who was apart of it!  Honestly,  I'm having withdrawals from the leftover cake!  It was to-die-for, seriously!  Now for some updates on our little angel on earth :-)

  • She started walking literally on her 1st Birthday,  and hasn't stopped since!  
  • When she walks,  she prefers to be holding something... 3 times her size.  I think she likes the challenge.  This might be a big pillow, watering can, football, etc.
  • She has discovered dropping things behind her head.  I don't know why she's so amused by this,  but she will grab objects and drop them behind her head like it's second nature... then goes about her business.
  • She not only says "dada" and "mama" but "uh oh"... so cute!
  • She puts herself to work,  literally.  This includes taking clothes out of the clothes hamper and putting them back in,  or taking all her toys and throwing them in the bathtub.  
  • She still loves to cuddle.
  • Currently the funniest thing to date is her getting to "walk" Dakota.  She holds the leash and belly laughs the whole time,  especially when she drops it on the ground.  I have never heard this girl laugh so hard!
  • Her highlight of the day is taking a wagon ride around the lake with cousin Jackson.  
  • She is slightly obsessed with her headbands.  She will point to them for me to put one on her then wear it the entire day.  I think she figures thats what girls are suppose to do,  so she wants to do it!
  • She loves to play outside,  and stands at the door crying until we go!
  • She has stolen our hearts and won't give them back!  Love you my precious 1 year old!
We are excited about this weather,  and can't wait to get some fall-time activities on the way!  This includes going to the pumpkin patch and zoo... and lots and lots of pictures of course.  Stay Tuned!

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